Administration Tool.

An option is available  to have full control over the product library, letting you add and remove products as they move in and out of production and fashion.

Additionally, we can deliver software and train staff in our proprietary image insertion process, which reduces cost in the long term and gives the organisation complete in-house power to maintain image currency.

This delivers the most cutting edge & vogue library of products for your customers to select, helping them stay on the cutting edge of fashion and design trends thus helping bring their design closer to a reality.




Autech developed Dream Home Visualiser to be multi-lingual. As of the 2011 census, almost 20% of people spoke languages other than English at home; by enabling the app to display in a multitude of languages more of your customers can now easily and comfortably design their dream.

With a growing percentage of new home buyers speaking languages other than english, the ability to deliver a home portfolio in any number of languages makes your product offering more accessable.