Convenience in Selection & Design.


With Dream Home Visualiser, design decisions can be made at home after work, with friends, or at a cafe on the weekend. This flexibility enables your customers to work on the design when they have time - even if it’s long after opening hours have finished and the colour consultants have gone home.

Giving your client the right tool for designing their home guarantees that a decision on the design of their new home will be made quickly and confidently.



Completely Cross Platform.

Sales of smartphones and tablets are growing by 30% each year, and smartphone adoption amongst 25-44 year olds has reached almost 75%. Mobile internet-connected devices are being adopted in greater numbers because they make it possible for people to interact with businesses at their convenience. 

This tool was designed with an evolving consumer environment in mind, which is why it lives entirely in the cloud. Modern, web-connected devices work with Dream Home Visualiser, including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.