One Million Dollars.

Not really one million dollars, but that's as good answer as any we could provide without understanding your organisation, your vision and a whole range of situational factors.  The price of Dream Home Visualiser depends on a number of components, like the number of images, products, and the degree of customisation and integration. DHV is scalable too, so you could start with a couple of facades and products in an inexpensive deployment, then add features and images to it over time.

It costs real money to make effective, powerful software that sells homes. Maybe more than you think. If we’re talking about the pure market value of our software, our work can typically “cost” in the range of $35-500K, but the costs can be structured in a way that our clients aren’t simply handing over bags of cash. There are other ways we can factor the project cost and delivery. Read on.

Our clients fall into three categories:


1. Small Builders and Product Manufacturers These businesses are close to our heart, as they embody the small business spirit that defines our own company. Typically building less than 100 homes a year, or manufacturing specific product like laminate or tiles, these visualisers use a smaller number of images and carry the core functionality of Dream Home Visualiser, sometimes leveraging our existing product library. With the same image quality, power and export options as top tiers, these prove to be a inexpensive design tool for smaller firms looking to showcase their professionalism and help accelerate the selection process. We often factor the pricing towards a subscription model. These cost one dollar sign.  $

2. Medium and Growing Builders Thes builders typically build a few hundred houses a year, and are looking to showcase their best while providing valuable tools to their salespeople and customers on the ground. With an expanded features and room for some customisation, these are a showcase of professionalism.
These cost two dollar signs. $$

3. Big Builders & Building Groups. These are for large builders constructing hundreds of homes every year, and looking for a tool to manage the selection and design process for their clients. With custom integrations, full design ranges and complex product libraries, these are for the firm looking to fully engage the web and create an experience surrounding their home portfolio. We set these up to be managed inside the organisation, with the ability to add and remove and customise images and products in-house. These cost three dollar signs. $$$

Why does our software cost more money than you were expecting (or less, or exactly the same as)? Interesting question. It’s easy to assume that making software that delivers on its brief is straightforward. But in fact, it takes a great deal of knowledge, understanding, and labor to do things well. So you can rest assured that not only do we tend to achieve results that are second to none, and the right amount of your money will end up in front of your customers, where it’s supposed to be. We operate like a lean startup, and that spirit pervades our work.


Experience a Demonstration of Dream Home Visualiser: