DHV supports images of almost anything you would want to configure. Usual configurations cover facades, kitchens, bathrooms and sometimes living areas and hallways. These images are taken of existing builds, display homes, elevations.

Using a custom, proprietary method, we compensate for 3 dimensions and stencil the image ready for product application; this process enables us to have perfect scale for textures, and realistic flooring, roofing and render.

Our week-long image process makes for images which are photorealistic, blemish free and stunningly real.

DHV's platform is extensible to dozens of
industries and applications:

  • Selection tool for New Home builders;
  • Design tool for Paint Vendors;
  • Product gallery for product vendors, i.e. Laminex;
  • Kit Home Manufacturer Portfolio;
  • Display Centre specification assistant; 


DHV can support custom product libraries from any manufacturer on the planet, or draw from an in-house library of generics. For custom products, we use complex scanning and replication methods to ensure the photographic duplication of any paint or texture required by the client.

Each product is entered at scale; combined with our stencilling process, the two combine for a visualisation experience that is photorealistic. Tiles apply and intersect where they would in real life, wood floorboards appear completely authentic.

Every possible product  and texture is supported:

  • Paint;
  • Render;
  • Weatherboard;
  • Tile & Grout;
  • Granite;
  • Laminate;
  • Floorboards;
  • Colourbond;
  • Roofing Tile;
  • Pavers;
  • Carpet; 
  • Brick;



To complement visualisation, each home lists discoverability information below its image. This provides your customer with pricing and inclusion information, house plans and descriptions that help the customer understand the product.

Design Documents.

Once the customer has put together a vision of their design, the application empowers them to share their design choices. These blueprints can be printed and taken into a display centre to select the final build specification, or handed directly to the builder to guide and enable construction.