Help your Clients
Design their Dream.


One simple fact defines Dream Home Visualiser: No construction commences until the customer is happy with their choice of colours and design. Your customer doesn’t have to hold a dozen or more colour swatches and tile samples against one another while they try to conclude how their dream home will turn out. Instead, they visit your website and experiment with any number of different design variables. If they’re happy, you can get on with building their dream home: this is the philosophy behind Dream Home Visualiser.



Speed up the Build,
By Saving Time in Design.


The inability to imagine colour and texture prevents clients from making a decision; Dream Home Visualiser starts them off with designer schemes, and then steps through the process of adjusting the colour, texture, and material that make up the design. Because DHV is so realistic, and so adept at demonstrating how colours interact, clients can get to a decision faster, and be more confident when they do.

By enhancing interactivity we create comfort in the purchase.