Built for Modern Builders.

The instrumental value of DHV is in efficiency and functionality. The toolset it comprises makes the process from enquiry to sale faster, because the client has a better understanding of the end product. Their information is able to be stored and brought through the process of a sale, which saves time and assigns a level of professionalism to the firm.

This professionalism is also evident when using DHV as a design consultancy tool; a couple of taps on an iPad and the consultant can vividly flesh out a client's dream, right in front of their eyes. 

Providing the ability to configure and design when it's convenient, and then export and email complete .PDF design sheets to the builder or consultant. Couple this to analytics that let the builder see popular configurations, and an admin tool that enables the scheming of images in-house on the fly. 

DHV improves the efficiency of the pre-build process, saving time and improving the experience for customers